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About Me

About Us

Welcome to Violeta's Royal Chihuahua!

Our chihuahuas are guaranteed to be pure bred and apple-headed. To meet the tastes of our clientele, each litter will have long and short haired pups in varying colors. 

The parents of each litter were imported directly from Lithuania, an Eastern European country next to the Baltic Sea. We love our chihuahuas unconditionally and hope you experience the love, affection, and adoration this wonderful dog breed can provide!


We look forward to hearing from you!

Reserve a Puppy

Reserve a puppy

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To reserve a puppy, please provide your contact information below. Reserving a puppy is a delicate process for all parties involved, including the puppies themselves!


To ensure each puppy finds a proper home, we will request to schedule a video chat meeting. This process helps us to connect with each potential customer, and it allows the customer to see the puppies in real-time! Thank you for being understanding. 

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