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Welcome to Violeta's Royal Chihuahua!

Welcome! If you are interested in available puppies, please click on the link below!

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About Us

Welcome to Violeta's Royal Chihuahua, where European Chihuahuas reign supreme!

Explore our exquisite selection of top-quality Chihuahua puppies, meticulously bred from purebred European lineage. With a dedication to excellence, our Chihuahuas embody the finest breeding standards, boasting pedigrees enriched with champion bloodlines and AKC registration.

Each litter showcases the diversity of our breeding program, offering an array of long and short-haired pups in captivating colors. Our European Chihuahua breeding practices adhere to the highest ethical standards, ensuring the well-being and socialization of each puppy.

Originating from esteemed Eastern European countries, our Chihuahua parents have been meticulously selected for their exceptional traits and European Chihuahua characteristics. They have excelled in prestigious dog shows, further validating their superior quality.

At Violeta's Royal Chihuahua, we understand the importance of Chihuahua puppy care, offering comprehensive health guarantees and invaluable nutrition advice to our clients. Our transparent adoption process ensures that each puppy finds a loving forever home.

Experience the unparalleled love, affection, and devotion that our remarkable Chihuahuas bring into our lives. Contact us today and embark on your journey today!



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